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Vista Hills is hiring! To better serve our patients and clients, we’re looking to grow our team. Compassion, dedication, and a strong work ethic are highly valued, and prior experience is preferred. To apply for an available position, please email your resume to

Career Opportunities in Greenwood: Owner and vet tech with dog

Veterinary Technician/Assistant


We are currently looking for a full-time veterinary technician or assistant to join our team. Duties include:

  • Preparing and administering medications, vaccines, serums, and treatments as prescribed by the veterinarian
  • Performing routine dental cleanings on animals under the direction of the veterinarian
  • Assisting the veterinarian during examinations
  • Providing restraint as needed to work safely and effectively with patients
  • Administering anesthesia to animals under veterinarian direction and monitoring anesthetic to adjust dosage if needed
  • Obtaining radiographs of patients with knowledge of proper positioning and techniques
  • Caring for and monitoring the condition of patients recovering from surgery
  • Performing urinalysis and being able to read ear and skin cytologies
  • Administering emergency first aid
  • Collecting, preparing, and labeling samples for laboratory testing, culture, or microscopic examination
  • Cleaning and sterilizing instruments, equipment, and other materials
  • Providing the veterinarian with the correct equipment and instruments
  • Filling prescriptions, measuring medications, and labeling containers
  • Preparing patients for surgery (shaving, placing IV catheter)
  • Performing venipuncture blood draws (including jugular)
  • Maintaining clean exam rooms and clinic areas
  • Educating clients on our recommended services and products
  • Performing routine rechecks, boosters, and more

Required Experience

  • 1 year as veterinary assistant
  • 2 years as veterinary technician
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"Great place!!!!! Would recommend to anyone!!! They care about your fur animals and are truly there to help."

-Jaime Z.