Pet Counseling in Greenwood, IN

Pet Counseling

We provide complete, well-rounded veterinary care at Vista Hills Animal Hospital. This means our service extends even beyond basic medical care. We provide pet counseling services for our clients as well, offering consultations and education about both dietary and behavioral concerns.

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Dog and Cat Counseling in Greenwood, IN
The supply of pet food at Vista Hills Animal Hospital

Dog & Cat Nutritional Counseling

Do you have questions about weight management? Are you wondering whether there are prescription diets that can take the place of your pet’s daily medication? These are excellent questions that we can address as part of our pet nutritional counseling. We sell a variety of prescription diets suitable to meet many pet health needs, and we provide unbiased recommendations about regular, non-prescription diets. For your convenience, we can also recommend dietary supplements that are sold right at our office. If you have questions about your pet’s nutritional needs, we recommend scheduling a visit with us today.

Pet Behavioral Counseling

As pet owners ourselves, we understand that sometimes our pets engage in unexpected or unwanted behaviors, and we are here to provide help in those situations. Some pet behaviors may be the result of underlying health problems (for example, bathroom accidents in senior pets) and we utilize a variety of diagnostic tools to identify any of these causes. If your pet’s behavior is determined to require training to eliminate, we provide in-office counseling for some training needs and referrals to local trainers or behavioral specialists for more extensive needs.

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"Great place!!!!! Would recommend to anyone!!! They care about your fur animals and are truly there to help."

-Jaime Z.