Pet Diagnostics in Greenwood

Dog and Cat X-Rays

X-Rays are a very important internal medicine tool provided by our team at Vista Hills Animal Hospital. We use a high-frequency generator x-ray, which is both safer and faster for our patients. It produces the top of the line images.

Pet Diagnostics in Greenwood, IN
Dog and Cat X-Ray Machine at Our Animal Hospital

Dog and Cat Ultrasounds

For your pet’s benefit, we also provide dog and cat ultrasound services for our patients. We offer in-house ultrasound services for emergencies and we have board certified specialists that also perform our more complicated ultrasounds.

Lab Services at Our Animal Hospital

We offer all of the diagnostics available on masses, blood work, urine, fecal, and other testing.

Veterinary Referrals

At times we refer to Purdue University and other local specialists when your pets need something we can not offer.

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