Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning in Greenwood, IN

At Vista Hills Animal Hospital, we are proud to provide the best cat and dog teeth cleaning in the greater south Indianapolis and Greenwood communities. Our top-of-the-line dental tools were chosen specifically to provide your pet with excellent dental care, because we believe that complete dental care is one of the most important aspects of preventive veterinary care.

If your cat or dog is due for a teeth cleaning call Vista Hills Animal Hospital at (317) 851-5000 or use the online form!

Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning in Greenwood, IN
Dog's teeth after a teeth cleaning

About Our Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning Services

For your pet’s benefit, we provide Greenwood, IN with complete dental services, from anesthetized cat and dog teeth cleanings to oral surgery. We have a state-of-the-art digital dental x-ray that allows us to gather complete and accurate imaging of your pet’s mouth. This tool helps us identify potential health risks and ensure that your pet has a healthy mouth. After all, a healthy mouth is the first step to having a healthy body! It also reduces the amount of time it takes to perform extractions and other dental procedures so your pet is under anesthesia for less time.

We are so proud of the excellent dental care services that we provide and we look forward to talking with you about your pet’s dental health. Our team is committed to working closely with you to ensure that your pet has a healthy mouth: the strongest foundation for overall physical health.

Schedule an appointment with our veterinarians by calling (317) 851-5000 or filling out our online form!

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"Great place!!!!! Would recommend to anyone!!! They care about your fur animals and are truly there to help."

-Jaime Z.